Sharer Bars

Feel free to taste pure joy

Feel free to share these generously portioned 90-gram bars of delicious top-14-allergen-free chocolate … or not. We won’t tell anyone if you finish off one of these delicious bars all to yourself. After all, they are delicious and appropriate for a wide range of dietary requirements, including vegans, organic food lovers and anyone with the 14 most common allergies.

Loved by chocolate connoisseurs and free from foodies alike, Freedom Chocolate frees you to enjoy a tastier alternative.

Sharing the love with your sharer

Because our bars are made from ethically sourced ingredients, you’ll be sharing the positivity and payment for this bar fairly with ingredient producers around the world when you share your freedom chocolate (or when you have it all to yourself – 😉).

Have a try today and find out which is your favourite.