Tasty and Trustworthy Allergen-friendly and Dairy-free Chocolate

Staying allergen free is not just a matter of business.It’s a personal commitment.

Allergy freedom from our family to yours – Our commitment

As a family of committed chocolate lovers with a range of allergies and intolerances, we believe that food allergies shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying amazing chocolate with loved ones. We’re dedicated to giving you all the flavour and joy of delicious artisan chocolate with none of the top 14 most common allergens and no animal ingredients.

That’s why we carefully hand-make a range of tasty allergen-free chocolates to our special, award-winning recipe in carefully controlled conditions.

We hope your family love them as much as we do.


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How we do it

All our hand-made chocolate bars are created in our contaminant-controlled kitchen using carefully washed tools by staff trained in contaminant-free food production. Our packaging and cleaning facilities are equally contaminant free, so you can trust our chocolate to be totally safe.

The whole process is overseen directly by our family, who have grown up living with necessarily careful allergen control. We know how hard it can be to eat well and stay safe while dealing with allergies. For that reason, staying common-allergen free is not just a matter of business, it’s a personal commitment

Vegan Chocolate

Our chocolate is totally free from animal products as well as the 14 most common allergens. Our full creation process doesn’t use any animal products of any kind.

Free from the top 14 allergens

There’s none of these in our chocolate (click here)

·         Celery free

·         Gluten free

·         Crustaceans free

·         Egg free

·         Fish free

·         Lupin free

·         Dairy free


·         Molluscs free

·         Mustard free

·         Peanuts free

·         Sesame free

·         Soybeans free

·         Sulphur dioxide and sulphites free

·         Tree nuts free

No crabs in our chocolate bars. Okay, so some of these allergens are easier to avoid in chocolate than others. Either way, we work hard to ensure our kitchen is free from allergens and always will be. We don’t have any allergy-containing products, so you can trust our chocolate to be safe.