Your team’s relationships are KEY to YOUR business Success!

Freedom Chocolate can provide branded corporate gifts for employees and clients. We also deliver Chocolate Tasting sessions for Corporate Teams. These can be suitable to for helping new teams to bond, boosting morale with existing teams – especially with all the changes to working patterns and equally be suitable for rewarding teams for their successes.

Ultimately, our fun and delicious Chocolate Tasting sessions help deepen the relationships of your team members and help drive productivity as a result.

One of our most recent clients had this to say;

“Really enjoyable, team building chocolate tasting session. Informative on chocolate without being overwhelming. The chocolate samples were supplied in individual boxes for each team member delicately rapped with generous portions – more akin to full chocolate bars than samples. The chocolate selection was varied with new/different types for us to try. Would certainly recommend for all chocolate lovers and managers wanting to get their teams talking.” – Graeme Seavor, Seavor Chartered



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