It’s not always success in the Freedom Chocolate world and last week we definitely felt like we were not winning.

Real life

After the highs of the award wins the other week and all the buzz and excitement that came with them, last week brought us back down to Earth with a real bump!

In real life, like many of you, we juggle working, family life and we also home educate our children full time. It can get a little (A LOT) crazy at times, but we love it and we wouldn’t change it for the world. I personally love the mix of exploring and learning something new before flipping to a professional business meeting and speaking to new people when the children and I take a break – even then I am still learning!


Last week absolutely threw our plans as one by one, the children started to feel a bit grotty and poorly. (Not Covid – notice how we all feel the need to say that these days!) You know the drill, up all night, caring for them during the day, trying to fit in some work here and there though your brain is on a go slow, and all running on next to no fuel. Definitely feels like you’re not winning!

Positive takeaway

So the week moved much more slowly than we had anticipated, but there was a positive takeaway. While everything moved slower, and the general, loudness of our craziness was subdued there was new space to notice, to hear, to think. Have you ever noticed that?  That when a lot of noise and busyness suddenly stops, your senses become incredibly sharp and you see and hear so much more in the stillness?

From not winning to slow winning

What started off as not winning quickly developed into a new kind of winning, slow winning. I went from worrying about not getting things done and not meeting my own goals and deadlines, to a new calm and peaceful, contented place. Watching, listening, being. Somehow getting stuff done mattered less and I was reminded how important it is, even as a busy mum, to just slow down for a while sometimes and take some time to notice the importance of stillness and peace. For me, that’s as valuable as winning awards.

Do you take time to slow down? How does it help you?

Have a great day,



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